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  • Curved point milled billet compressor wheel for improved airflow and efficiency
  • A series Turbine wheel with slim nose and hub for reduced weight and faster spool-up
  • Decentered blades on turbine wheel for improved gas flow ability and reduced turbo lag
  • Newly designed Anti-Surge compressor housings with integrated speed sensor port and boost reference port for improved performance monitoring and control
  • Dual ball bearing system for improved durability, stability, and reduced friction resulting in enhanced performance and longevity

Pulsar PTA Series PSR6862A

VAT Included
  • Curved Point Milled Compressor Wheel: 68*84mm
  • A Series Turbine Wheel: 68*62mm
  • Compressor Inlet: 4” Hose
  • Compressor Outlet: 2.5” Hose
  • Turbine Inlet: T3/T4/V-BAND
  • Turbine Outlet: 3” V-Band
  • Water Ports: 2-M14 x 1.5
  • Oil Feed: 7/16-24 UNF with a -4AN Restrictor Pre-installed
  • Oil Drain: Std T3
  • 5 Options for Turbine Housing: T3 0.83A/R; T4 0.82A/R; Dual V-Band 0.83A/R; Dual V-Band 1.01A/R; T4 divided 0.85A/R;
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