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Motul 8100 Power 5w-50 Ester Fully Synthetic Car Engine Oil

Motul Power 5w-50 is a fully synthetic, ester based lubricant designed for very high performance petrol and diesel engines.


Designed exclusively for very high performance cars powered by petrol or diesel engines, naturally aspirated or
turbocharged, multi-valves direct or indirect injection. This includes engines producing medium to high fuel dilution in the oil, as well as tuned engines operating on a wide range of rpm and temperatures, in severe driving conditions.

Compatible with all types of fuel; leaded or unleaded petrol, ethanol, LPG, diesel and biofuels.

This oil can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants.


  • Based on ester technology to ensure outstanding oil film resistance at very high temperatures for maximum horsepower, torque output and wear protection
  • Maintains stable oil pressure whatever the conditions of use
  • Very high API performance level for improved oxidation resistance, improved deposit protection, better wear protection, and better low-temperature performance over the life duration of the oil
  • Allows excellent oil flow into the engine oil circuit, faster oil pressure set-up and faster revs rising whilst ensuring engine protection at high temperatures



  • Standards:
    • API SN / CF
  • Specifications:
    • Ford WSS M2C-931-C (Backwards compatible with 931-A and 931-B)

Motul 8100 Power 5w-50 Ester Fully Synthetic Car Engine Oil

SKU: 111812
VAT Included
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