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Highly durable and lightweight pulley

Using a super light duralumin (A2014) as its main material that the strength has increased by 50% and hardness by 30% (over previous version). This change in material has allowed the design change that has also allowed the unit to be substantially lighter (10% less load on RB engines) and increasing the engine reliability and power.

Nickel plating increases anti-frictional properties

Gear section is nickel plated for surface hardness increase (Hv: 350 → 500 (compared to older version)) to withstand strengthened timing belts and any foreign objects that may get caught between the gear and belt.


Accurate valve timing control (angle adjustable)

As cam duration and other engine specifications changes, the ideal valve timing point will also change. As both intake and exhaust cam duration increase, the overlap amounts can be adjusted for optimum performance. All HKS Camshafts come with recommended valve timing which can be achieved by using these sprockets in conjunction with HKS camshafts. These sprockets are compatible with standard camshafts.

(Note: Please ensure that when using these sprockets, timing chain cover must be installed.)

HKS Cam Pulley x1 For Toyota 1JZ 2JZ-GTE 2204-Rt003

SKU: 22004-AT003
VAT Included
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